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6 Major Benefits of Multi-Event Apps

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There are many benefits to using a multi-event app if it suits your organization’s needs. How do you know if it suits those needs? It’s simple. Does your organization hold a bunch of events every year? If so, then your group or company could certainly benefit from using a multi-event app.

What does a multi-event app do that makes it so necessary? Instead of making an individual app for every event your company holds, multi-event apps make it possible to have one app that contains sub-apps for each event. This means that your regulars will have one central app to use for each event they attend.

Now, what are the major benefits of using a multi-event app rather than just creating individual apps for each event?

  • Convenience – Your users only need to download your app once, saving them time and space on their devices. Why put in extra effort to get attendees to download a handful of apps when they only need to do it once with a multi-event app?
  • Longevity - The events’ information is all in one place and is easy to find. The catalogue of events lasts forever, letting your attendees reference a conference’s information long after it takes place.
  • Cost – Your company will save thousands upon thousands of dollars if they use a multi-event app rather than individual apps for each event.
  • Effort - When creating apps for each of your events within a multi-event app, you can use templates or copy content from event to event, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you need a new app.
  • Consistency - It is so much easier to consistently brand one big app rather than a ton of little apps. Having everything in one place makes it simple to keep your brand messaging uniform. Additionally, TapWalk’s ability to copy apps allows you to establish your image once and carry it throughout your multi-event app.
  • Adaptability – You can use your app to accommodate the features needed by your variety of events. Large or small, each of your events has specific app needs that can all be satisfied with a multi-event app.


If your organization holds many events every year, it’s a no-brainer that you should be using a multi-event app. As with any other event app, it truly enhances your attendees’ experience, but it also makes your life a whole lot easier.