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8 Ways to Get Your Attendees to Tweet

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Trade shows and conventions range greatly in size, from very small shows with only a few hundred attendees, to large ones with thousands. Regardless of size, 100% of your attendees are spending their days inside at your event, which means that they’re not out and about verbally telling their friends and colleagues about your event. This is a problem that has been recently addressed by the wonders of social media. Now, instead of only reaching the eyes and ears of your attendees, it is possible to exponentially grow your audience through media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest.

“Well that sounds great!” you’re probably thinking. Who wouldn’t want to improve their publicity? The only catch is that you can’t do it by yourself. It’s not enough to just post tweets about your event coming from your own Twitter account. Your goal should be to have all of your attendees tweeting about your event. The sheer number of people who would see your content would grow enormously, giving you incredible publicity.

Now, you’re most likely asking, “Well that still sounds great, but how do I go about doing this?” Here at TapWalk, we create mobile apps for large events and venues, so we can offer some tips on how to use your event’s mobile app to get your attendees to tweet.

1. Integrate Twitter into your event’s app. As simple as it may seem, your attendees won’t want to have to leave your event’s app to go to Twitter. Eliminating that one extra step will encourage your guests to tweet.

2. Create a unique hashtag for your event. If you make it catchy and fun, your guests will want to take the opportunity to tweet it to their followers.

3. Tell your speakers and exhibitors to promote your hash-tag during their presentations. This will provide some great reinforcement of your brand and will help to reach a broader audience at your event.

4. Have your event’s app automatically add your hashtag to all tweets made through the app. This will ensure that your attendees are aware of your hashtag, make it easier for them to use it, and verify that all tweets going out have your branding.

5. Create a game or photo challenge in your app that makes guests use Twitter to get credit for participating. People like a good game or challenge, so why not organize one on social media? This is a foolproof way to get the guests at your event more involved in spreading your brand.

6. Have a contest for best/most creative tweet about your event with a prize for the winner. Your guests won’t be able to turn down the opportunity to win a cool prize if all they have to do is tweet about your event.

7. Have a big screen displaying all of the tweets with your hash-tag. Your guests will want to see their tweets on display, prompting even more people to use your hash-tag.

8. Interact with your audience through Twitter. This can be anything from occasionally retweeting your attendees’ tweets to having guests send speakers questions through the platform.


It can be easy to encourage your guests to tweet about your event, but it’s not enough to assume that they’re going to tweet just for the sake of tweeting. You need to make sure that you give them something to gain by tweeting about your event. Even a little incentive goes a long way, and a few creative ideas can get your attendees tweeting like crazy.