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All NFL Stadiums to Become “TapWalk Enabled”

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OK, that headline is a little premature. But that’s where we’re headed.

Your phone connects you to the entire internet, but, most of the time when you’re mobile you don’t want the entire internet. Your phone SHOULD connect you better to the world immediately around you… especially at large events and venues… like sports stadiums. That’s the inspiration behind TapWalk, and the NFL clearly sees a bit of that same vision.

If you’re a football fan you probably know that (in most ways) game time is a better experience on your couch than at the stadium. The NFL recognizes this as well and is taking a step toward improving your live experience in the stadium.

The NFL is now requiring all stadiums to meet minimum wifi and cellular standards.

“We put minimum standards and metrics in place so not only do clubs know how our Wi-Fi is performing and to hold [cellular] carriers accountable, but also [it gives] us analytics for what our fans are doing, which leads us to more marketing,” said Michelle McKenna-Doyle, the NFL’s chief information officer.

Next up: hyper-accurate location… especially indoors.

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