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Boston Globe Travel Show 2014 App Release

This past weekend, the Boston Globe’s annual Travel Show brought in thousands of prospective tourists looking for their next dream vacations. This is the second year that the Boston Globe Travel Show utilized TapWalk to create a custom-branded mobile app to improve the attendees’ experiences.

In addition to the fundamental features that a TapWalk app provides– interactive floor map, schedule of events, map of the surrounding area, etc.– the 2014 Travel Show app came with two new features that made the show more fun and interactive than ever. For the first time, TapWalk introduced its rating feature, which the show used to rate beers at its “Craft Beer Pavilion”. TapWalk also introduced text-to-download, which allowed guests to text the word “Travel” and automatically be sent a link to download the show’s app.

Travel Show Crowd

The rating feature added an entirely new element of fun and engagement to the Beer Pavilion, creating a friendly competition as TapWalk displayed a leader-board showing the most highly rated beers. This feature had the following effects on the show:

  • Gave the guests a more interactive experience by letting them give live feedback for each of the beers they tried.
  • Let guests keep track of which beers they liked and disliked before, during, and even after the show.
  • Provided vendors with feedback for the products they presented at the show.
  • Created a fun ice breaker for attendees to meet each other.

Beer Rating Screenshot         Beer Rating Stars

Most importantly, the rating feature created an environment of fun at the show, with guests rooting for their favorite beers to take the number one spot on the leader board. Vendors got more involved with the guests than ever in the hopes of pulling their brewery into the lead.

The most exciting aspect of this new feature is that it can be applied to anything, not just beers. Any TapWalk app has the capabilities to employ this feature, it’s just up to the venue to decide what they want to have their guests rate–beers, exhibitors, speakers, sessions, etc.

Beer Pavilion CrowdLeader Board At Show Edited

TapWalk’s other new feature, text-to-download, gave guests at the Travel Show another easy way to find and download the show’s app. This feature provides a unique set of benefits that add onto those from downloads by way of QR Codes, specified URLs, and pointers to find the app in their mobile platform’s respective app store. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  • Lower the barrier to find and install the app, leading to increased downloads.
  • Give the show very valuable information (phone numbers) from the guests that use this feature.
  • Allow the show to send text updates to their guests throughout the show (which can be an effective means of garnering more sponsors).

Text to Download Screenshot

Another exciting element of the Travel Show that made it stand out was the show’s comprehensive advertising campaign. The campaign included advertisements that were placed in a number of locations throughout the city, all of which had different QR Codes and URLs for downloading the app. TapWalk was able to track which marketing campaigms were most effective, giving the show runners a greater understanding of the demographic of people who were most responsive to the campaign. This will allow the Travel Show to optimize their advertising efforts in the future, increasing the level of success for their future shows.

Cultural Stage Edited

Overall, the Boston Globe Travel Show app was a great  success for TapWalk and we are very proud of the new features we introduced with this app. Go to to learn more about how TapWalk apps are improving large events and venues like the Boston Globe Travel Show.

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