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UPDATE: Our 2013 College Pilot Program was a huge success.  We’re ready to deploy at your campus next!

2013 University App Pilot Program 



The TapWalk mobile app platform supports a wide variety of large events and venues. We began with trade shows, music festivals and historical / city tours, and we’re now deploying TapWalk on college and university campuses. We are looking for a small set of schools that can move quickly to take advantage of this offer – to roll out the TapWalk platform on their campuses and give us feedback that will help guide future releases.

We are deploying a robust, well-tested, in-production platform that works for any large venue. We’re calling this a “Pilot Program” because we are new to the college / university space, and we’re eager to hear about which campus-specific features, functions, and bells & whistles would make TapWalk even better for venues like yours.

Increasingly, mobile phone users expect an app for large venues such as university campuses. If you’re planning to deploy a mobile app for your university, please consider participating in our pilot program.

All we ask of pilot program participants is…

  • A quick decision to join the pilot program – we want to roll out the apps during the Fall semester
  • Willingness to deploy in phases – deploying TapWalk v1.9 features now, then adding additional features as they become available
  • Lots of feedback – provide feedback to tailor future releases for use on campus

In return participants get…

  • Speed – your deployments will be our priority
  • Influence over the direction and significance of future features – help guide our university product
  • A low price that will never change – as new features and mobile phone platforms are introduced, your cost will stay locked at the “Pilot Program” level forever

There’s room for 10 schools to be part of out our “College / University Pilot Program.” The spots will be filled on a first-come/ first-served basis. We will close entrance to the program when it fills up or on September 30, whichever comes first.

If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to

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