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Design of Event/Venue Apps

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The design of your mobile app is a big factor of its overall value and eventual success. The design should be visually appealing, yet still allow users to navigate through your app with ease. App developers design their apps in a number of ways, so make sure that you talk to your prospective developers about their general formats and ask to see screenshots if they are not readily available on their websites. In this situation, you have the freshest eyes and are best able to determine how easily your guests will be able to use the app in question. You want to make sure that your app provider has a simple yet attractive app with flexibility so you can be sure that your app will turn out exactly as you want it.

Here is a walk-through of what a typical venue app’s design might look like. For this example, we will use a variety of TapWalk’s apps to take you through the opening elements of a standard app.

First is the loading screen. Users will see this every time they re-open the app and while your app’s newest data is uploaded. This screen provides a great branding opportunity right off the bat (for your organization or even for your sponsor) and can be customized in any way that works best for your app.

Cape Cod Chamber App Loading Page Screenshot

After your app loads, you have the option to have a “Splash Screen”, which is just a screen that users see before they reach the actual app’s main pages. Below, the Boston Globe Travel Show used this screen as a way to highlight their sponsor, Wynn Las Vegas.

photo 3

Next, users are brought right into the app’s first page. Depending on how you choose to set up your app, your first page can vary. First is an example of a first page that is a list menu, which is a main menu of links that allow users to navigate to important places in your app.

Conference Mobile App Main Screen

The other option is to have a tab bar at the bottom of the screen that has the same menu options. The tab bar would remain at the bottom of the screen for every page in the app, and the first page would be your first menu item.

Below is a directory of artistic venues that has been set as the first page in Cape Cod’s Art’s App. This directory can be sorted by location, category, proximity, or alphabetically by your users so they can determine what is most efficient for them. Each subject listed links to a page with more information, as well as a link to that specific person/place/thing’s location on your map.


Other examples of page options for your menu items are calendars, maps, social media links, and surveys among the other features offered by TapWalk.

With this design, your users will be able to navigate through your app with incredible simplicity. TapWalk’s design allows for users of all skill levels to easily make their way through your app, while still keeping the app itself visually appealing. To see more about TapWalk’s apps, go to our Featured Apps Page.