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Different Types of Event Attendees and Their Mobile App Needs

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TapWalk creates apps for a variety of different events and venues, meaning that TapWalk’s apps are in the hands of a variety of audiences. Because of this, TapWalk tailors each app it generates to the needs of each individual audience, taking into account which features would be best suited for it. After all, it’s intuitive that app users at a music festival have different needs than those at a corporate event. This is why it’s important to take your audience into account when creating a mobile app. What are your event’s audience demographics, and what needs are specific to your event?

Here are just a few of the different types of venues/events that might require a mobile app, and how you should treat each of their audiences.

Trade Shows: Depending on the content of the trade show, audience needs can vary, but there are some constants that apply to just about all trade show audiences. Trade show attendees want to learn something, whether it be from exhibitors, speakers, or other attendees. This means that trade show apps need to include information on exhibitors that attendees can reference before, during, and after the event. They also need access to content used during the speakers’ sessions, so being able to safely share materials like company documents is a must. Most importantly, attendees are there to learn from (or about) other attendees, making your app’s networking capabilities absolutely crucial. Make sure users have easy access to each other’s contact information and social media profiles.

Educational Corporate Meetings: When organizations hold events for their employees, the main objective is to educate. This means that the main objective of your app should be to educate. This is another instance where document sharing can be a very valuable asset of your app, making information distribution easier. You also need to consider engagement. One way that you can make sure that your employees are paying attention is to give surveys or quizzes through your app. Answering your questions will keep them paying attention, while also making them feel as though their opinions and thoughts are valued.

Music Festival: Music festival attendees want to be in the loop but there is so much that is going on at once. This is why the schedule features of your mobile app are especially important at music festivals. Make sure that attendees are able to keep track of all of the different acts and events so they don’t miss their favorite artists. Maps are another best friend of music festival attendees. Make sure your application’s map can easily get a user from Point A to Point B (especially if Point B is a restroom or water station).

Historic Sites: Visitors of historic sites want their apps to be two things: informative and entertaining. To be informative, you just need to make sure that your app has rich, accurate content. TapWalk does this by having individual “Points of Interest” for each important location at a historic site. It takes a little bit more effort to make your app entertaining. Features like audio tours and gamification (scavenger hunts, photo challenges, choose your own adventure games, etc.) can help users further engage with the site.


These are only a few types of venues that use TapWalk’s platform, but as you can see, there are a variety of user needs that are required by each audience. This is why you need to be sure that your app platform is flexible enough to provide the features that will best fit your particular group of attendees.