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Easy Ways to Make an App

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Hi! I’m David, an intern. I started working with an app development company called Tapwalk a couple of days ago. The first thing that we did was create our own app for a location of our choice to learn more about the features of the app platform and to learn a bit about the company itself. The focus of Tapwalk is to create user-friendly custom applications for different venues and events, and I learned firsthand how easy the process could be. I, myself, am relatively incompetent with technology, and have never coded anything in my entire life. Yet even I was able to create a functioning app within a span of an hour or two, about the same as my more tech-savvy peers.

Creating an app is intuitive with Tapwalk’s app-building platform, and the apps created are completely customizable. The developer of the app is able to select between certain features, such as an interactive map or sponsor list, and piece them together. The most unique ability of the platform is that it allows for the user to preview the application on the mobile web so that the progress can be viewed without going the the hassle of submitting to the app store. When I was working on my app, I saw many possibilities for Tapwalk. One of the core goals of the company is to develop for locally based location services. WIth the real time location tracking, the app would be perfect for trying to navigate around festivals, trade shows, or airports, or for finding recommendations for the local stores.

The app runs flawlessly. I own an old (barely) functioning Android phone, and this app is one of a few that run without crashing my phone. The Tapwalk app, and custom apps created by Tapwalk are both Android and iOS compatible, making them extremely versatile, and universally accessible. Overall, the ease of use associated with the creation process allows anyone to use it. I think that the idea has a lot of potential, and I look forward to continuing my internship here!