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“iPhone Only” Is Not Enough

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It wasn’t long ago that having an iPhone-only app was good enough. With each quarterly report, those days are further behind us. A new report from App Annie reveals rapid growth in Google Play’s revenue. Although Apple’s App Store grosses more than four times the revenue, Google Play is growing faster. The gap between Android and iOS continues to narrow.

Additionally, according to a press event in New York, the BlackBerry 10 shows promising signs. BlackBerry totally revamped its developer relations programs and according to IDC, BlackBerry10 is set to battle it out with Windows Phone 8 for the No. 3 smartphone operating system worldwide in 2013. The pre-registration demand for the 10 has been very high in Canada and fully half of those pre-release registrations are coming from non-BlackBerry users.
As Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows all battle for market share, the total penetration of smart phones continues to rise.