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Mobile Apps for Historic Sites

Make your historical district more interactive, interesting, and alive than ever. With a mobile app from TapWalk, your guests will be amazed by the history around them!

  • Create a directory of your points of interest that tells all of the fascinating stories and information that go along with your site.
  • Provide an interactive map to allow your visitors to explore and uncover the rich details of your site.
  • Include the name and contact information of your site’s preservation society, encouraging visitors to contribute to your efforts.
  • Go green and save resources.

More Benefits…

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Popular Features for Historical District Apps

Interactive Cite Maps

Interactive Cite Maps do so much more than merely tell people where they are going. With these maps, your users can select various points of interest on your map and get the corresponding information for each point, all while touring their way through your site.


CoC map


city map


City Maps

The addition of the map of the city where your cite is located provides resources for your guests to find all of the best restaurants, hotels, site-seeing, and more in the surrounding area.



Directory of Points of Interest

Having a directory of all of your points of interest allows users to plan exactly where they want to go and what they want to see while in your historical district. This directory can lead users to a synopsis of each point’s historical significance and it’s location on the map.


CRE site directory



show schedule

Historical District Event Calendar

Keep your guests up to date with all of your site’s upcoming special events. With the ability to add your special events from the app’s calendar to their personal phone calendars, your guests will never miss out! More…


Social Integration

Allow your guests to connect their experience at your site to their friends and colleagues through channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This gives your guests easy access to the social media they love, while giving your site great publicity!


social integration twitter