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How Mobile Apps Add to Your Marketing Campaign

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Your mobile app is yet another platform that can be used to enhance your marketing efforts. In fact, the app you ultimately create is always a representation of your company, so unless you focus on it just as much as any other aspect of your marketing campaign, it could make you look bad. You don’t want that, and neither does your developer. The good thing is that when you do put a certain degree of effort into your mobile app, it can become a very beneficial element of your marketing toolkit.

These are a few of the ways that having a mobile app can make you a marketing guru:

  • Branding - Between background images, fonts, and splash screens, you have so many possible ways to brand your app. The appearance of your app can be entirely customized, allowing you to keep your app completely consistent with the rest of your company’s branding.
  • Promotion - You can leverage your app as a way to promote your event. Getting people to download your app before your event allows them to see your content and branding, enticing them to attend.
  • Scavenger Hunts - Create an in-app event scavenger hunt that literally leads attendees right to your booth and gives them in-person exposure to your company.
  • Life Span - Having a mobile app means that attendees will be able to access information from your event well after it is over, rather than paper brochures which are less useful and get thrown out almost immediately. Not to mention, users will see your app’s branded icon every time they use their phones.
  • An Incentive for Sponsors – If you tell potential sponsors that you have the ability to showcase their product/group within your app, it will surely appeal to their interests. In this way, using your venue/event’s mobile application in the right ways can help land you further financial support.

By including a mobile app aspect to your event with a strategic instinct, you are capable of aiding your marketing efforts immensely. By incorporating such features into your mobile app (if they aren’t already inherent), you are able to put your company’s image right in the palms of your prospective guests’ hands.