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Internal Corporate Meeting Apps

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While event mobile apps are primarily thought to be tools for trade shows and large expos, such mobile applications are also becoming part of the standard for a different type of event–Internal Corporate Meetings. Corporate Meetings have a very specific and individualized set of mobile app needs that vary from company to company. It is for this reason that mobile app providers such as TapWalk need to be sure that they can provide a variety of features that are certain to fulfill this variety of needs.

In addition to the general features that TapWalk event apps provide (Interactive map, directory, etc.), there are a number of features we offer that are specifically of great value to internal corporate meetings.

  • File Sharing - This is a major plus for any corporate meeting, as it allows your attendees to have easy access to the documents they need in a secure environment that makes sure information only gets into the right hands.
  • Speaker Profiles - Speaker profiles give your attendees access to valuable information about your speakers that helps them to further support and understand your speakers’ presentations. This allows your attendees to glean as much as possible from each of your speakers before, during, and after your event.
  • Contact Sharing - TapWalk is able to create QR Codes that can lead users to others’ contact information, allowing your attendees to capitalize on the networking opportunities at your meeting.
  • Schedule of Events - A mobile app gives you the ability to easily provide your attendees with a list of the day’s events so that they know exactly what’s going on and can make the most of it.
  • Instant Feedback - Instant feedback can be accomplished using either surveys, polls, or rating systems. These features allow your speakers to better engage with the audience during presentations, while also letting you collect valuable information from the attendees, such as how to improve your corporate meetings in the future.
  • In-App Quizzes - Put a quiz in the app that corresponds with your programs and presentations. This helps reinforce the attendees’ grasp of the information, while letting you see how effectively the employees are learning.

A mobile app has the potential to be extremely valuable to corporate meetings, as it provides a number of relevant services directly to its users. These app features allow for organizations to educate and train their employees, as well as ensure that the goals of the meeting are met. This creates an easy experience for attendees, presenters, and even for the meeting organizers themselves.