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Meetings and Events in 2013

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The IMEX Group makes 10 predictions for the bright future of the meetings and events industry in 2013.  Of the 10 predictions made by IMEX Group, there are 3 that our team at TapWalk is especially excited about.


The first of these is, contrary to worries just a few years ago, attendance in face-to-face meetings will increase.  There’s something special about a face-to-face meeting.  We believe mobile apps can be a catalyst to facilitate more and better interactions.


The second is gamificiation: “In 2011 and 2012 gamification started to really heat-up as a new idea to engage, educate and excite.” We have implemented several gaming systems in order to engage attendees before, during, and after the event. We have lots of fun ideas on the drawing board for 2013 that we can’t wait to add to our list of features. Increased app adoption and interaction creates higher incentive for sponsors and a richer experience for attendees.


Thirdly, “monetized event apps”.  We’re not convinced end users will need to pay for apps just yet, but, we’re happy to see the confirmation that “Event and meeting apps are becoming a business essential.”


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