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Mobile App Features


Content & Configuration Management System

Our Content Management System helps you create, edit, delete, and republish your app’s content in real time. TapWalk’s state of the art Configuration Management System allows our clients to build and manage their own apps in a few simple clicks – adding, removing, and configuring features as easily as they edit simple content. The system’s intuitive user friendly interface was designed to accommodate all levels of technical expertise. Creating a seamless, stress-free, app management environment for our clients.

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Introductory Screens

Introductory screens can be added, removed, or changed at any time allowing you to highlight special events or news. Any number of screens can display before the app launches.  These screens are often used as a “welcome” message or to highlight sponsors. They can be configured to either display each time the app is launched or only the first time the app is launched.


Directory of Points of Interest

A list of all points of interest can be grouped by category and/or sorted alphabetically. Searching for keywords limits the list to just matching points of interest. Tapping a row displays the detail page for that point of interest. The user can switch between the list and map view. This ability can be disabled as part of the app configuration.


Trade Shows & Conventions

Festivals & Events

Zoos & Aquariums 


Interactive Venue Map

A floor map of the venue displays the locations of all the points of interests. The map has the ability to zoom and pan. Tapping on a point of interest allows users to view POI details. Users can switch between the list view and map view. This ability can be disabled as part of the app configuration.


Trade Shows & Conventions

Festivals & Events


City Map & Directory

A map of the neighborhood surrounding the venue can include recommended parking areas, restaurants, bars, etc.

Commercial Real Estate

Festivals & Events


Point of Interest Detail

Any arbitrary content can be used to describe a point of interest. User can take their own personal notes about each point of interest and add them to their calendar. Additional data and links can also be added to the point-of-interest (e.g. external websites, images, video, audio, etc). A point-of-interest can include a calendar of associated events.

Commercial Real Estate


Rating Screenshot on Phone



TapWalk recently introduced its Rating Feature, which allows anything to be rated on a 1-5 star scale. Any event or venue can get feedback from its attendees, and collect valuable information on what a product’s consumers like or dislike, while the attendees are able to keep track of their opinions. This feature was used at the Boston Globe Travel Show to rate the different beers at the show’s Craft Beer Pavilion. The ratings of the most popular beers were even displayed on a leader board throughout the show.


Ability to Play Audio Files

TapWalk is able to play Audio Files through your app, creating the possibility to give each of your guests a personal tour guide and accompanying soundtrack when they visit your venue. Adding audio files specific to particular Points of Interest allows you to customize and shape the sounds being experienced by your visitors. Audio files were used in TapWalk’s Jefferson City app to give an informative commentary on each of the city’s prominent historic locations.

Audio Screenshot on Phone


News and Announcements

News and announcements can be displayed using data from either an RSS feed or from TapWalk’s CMS system.


Schedule of Events

A schedule can be presented to users in multiple formats – grouped by day, week, or month. Any arbitrary description can be used to describe an event. Events can be associated with particular points of interest on your map. Additional structured data and links can also be added to the event (e.g. external websites, images, etc). Individual events can be added to the user’s personal calendar or “favorited” to create a custom itinerary.


Trade Shows & Conventions

Festivals & Events

Theme Parks


Social Media Integration

TapWalk contains a tab that gives users the ability to see all the tweets related to the event as defined by a hash tag filter. That hash tag can be added to all tweets sent through the app.


Trade Shows & Conventions

Festivals & Events


Favorites List

Attendees can mark points of interest or calendar events as “favorites” to create their own personalized list. This functionality can be enabled or disabled as part of the app configuration.


RSS Feed

Our platform gives our clients the possibility to broadcast any RSS Feed. By simply copy and pasting the feed into our content management system clients can display news, events, alerts, and more.


QRC Scanner

QRC codes can be scanned from within the app.  If the code points to an external URL, that web content is displayed. Rules can be configured to redirect “special” URLs to trigger functionality within the app.  For instance, the URL can specify a particular point-of-interest and, instead of displaying HTML, the app can navigate to the correct point-of-interest detail screen.

Trade Shows & Conventions


User Registration

Simple user data can be collected on the Registration screen. Future versions will allow functionality to be hidden until the user registers. The fields will also be configurable in a future release.


Links Page

View and access your favorite URL’s. The links page is your one stop source for listing and browsing almost any page on the web.


QRC Scanner Screenshot on Phone


QR Code Campaign

QR Code campaigns are an easy way to give your guests quick access to the information they want and need. Through a TapWalk app, your guests will be able to scan and access the content of as many QR Codes as you want, all just by pointing their phones. This is especially beneficial to you because TapWalk is then able to provide you with analytics that reveal which QR Codes are scanned, giving you information on your venue’s most popular locations. QR Campaigns can also be extremely valuable to your marketing campaign, allowing you to track which aspects of your campaign are most effective.


Hierarchical Maps

This allows your app to jump from a main map to a Point of Interest’s individual map, creating a “map within a map”. This can be used for situations such as when you are showing an outdoor map, and want your users  to get to a map of the inside of an individual building by simply tapping on that building.

Heirarchical Map Screenshot on Phone


scavenger hunts


Scavenger Hunts

TapWalk has taken to adapting their QRC capabilities to enable scavenger hunts throughout our apps’ venues. TapWalk can assign certain QR Codes to particular locations throughout the venue with a series of hints coinciding with those locations, and let users scan each of the QR Codes in order to complete the scavenger hunt. This has become a fun way to further engage our users with the events they are attending, immersing them in the experience of the event more genuinely than ever before. Meanwhile, you are able to effectively drive traffic to specific locations or vendors within your venue.


Silent Auctions

Automate your event’s next silent auction with a mobile app from TapWalk. Give your guests live updates of each item’s selling price, inciting a more competitive and lucrative auction. Save paper and effort by letting your TapWalk app process all information from your auction, while your guests need only tap their phones in order to put down bids on their favorite items.

Auction Screenshot on Phone



Analytics Cropped


Learn more about your customers. Monitor your guests’ in app activity including download statistics, page views, keyword searches, and more.


Publish to Draft

Another feature that truly sets TapWalk apart is the ability to publish your app to “Draft” mode, allowing you to actually see and experience your app and its changes before publishing it to the public. TapWalk allows you to be positive that your app is exactly how you want it to look and function before releasing it for the entire world to see.

Publish to Draft Cropped


Technology Overview

TapWalk’s architecture provides the benefits of a native mobile application (runs without a network connection, responsive user interface, etc) as well as all the benefits of a mobile web application (always up-to-date, easy to change, etc). Our web-based content management and configuration management system allows non-programmers to make changes at any time.

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