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 Chamber of Commerce Benefits

Visitor Benefits


Stop wasting your time looking for a mall directory. With a custom mobile mall app provided by TapWalk, you can locate your favorite stores with the push of a button. Always stay connected with your local mall’s latest sales, news, and information.

Core Benefits:

  • Enhance your navigational experience¬†with an interactive map
  • Find stores, businesses, attractions and more with a mobile chamber of commerce searchable directory
  • View sales, news, and events streamed in real time


  • Stay connected with social media integration
  • Create personalized lists of your favorite stores
  • Access detailed store information


Business Benefits


Broadcast your business information, ensure customer traffic,maximize your revenue potential and keep your favorite customers informed at all times. All this can be done with the custom chamber of commerce mobile application by TapWalk.

Core Benefits:

  • Interactive maps to guide customers to your store
  • RSS feeds to broadcast sales, news, and events
  • Detailed store directory to post contact and website information.


Management Benefits


Help your stores reach their maximum revenue potential. Give shoppers an easier and more efficient way to shop. Guide people to the attraction, events, and businesses. You get all this and more with a TapWalk custom mobile application for the chamber of commerce.

Core Benefits:

  • Interactive maps to enhance your city’s navigation experience
  • Broadcast you attractions, news, and events
  • Gain additional advertisement revenue with in-app sponsorship opportunities