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Mobile Apps for Cruise Ships



A custom mobile application for Cruise Ships enhances the overall experience and allows you to stay connected with your attendees BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER they attend!  It is essential to the customer now that cruise ships provide a custom mobile app for each ship!

Provide ship navigation through our interactive map

  • Broadcast ship news and events
  • Revenue & Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Go green & save resources
  • Download the app before boarding for time saving instructions
  • The app comes loaded with all information, making an internet connection not necessary on board, but potentially encouraged for certain real time features!
  • Contact us for any features that you’d like! We do custom work as well!

More Benefits…


Popular Features For Cruise Ships

Interactive Cruise Ship Maps:

Our signature interactive cruise ship maps allow users to search, zoom & pan to easily find shows, bars, and restaurants on the cruise ship app. Additionally, we offer hierarchical multilevel mapping.



Search Directory:

Provide your guests with a quick and efficient way to search for shows and events going on during their trip. The directory is viewable in map, list, and categorical formats. Users can access event and show descriptions, locations, pictures, and contact information.



Schedule of Events:

Publicize your show’s schedule on the app with a streaming feed of events. Guests will have the ability to add specific events into their personalized favorites list, and receive notifications related to the event.



Scavenger Hunts:

Give your cruise ship an edge. Set up mobile scavenger hunts, using our QR code integration. Mobile scavenger hunts have proven to enhance guest experience and promote  interaction between the guest and the Cruise Ship attractions.



Social Integration:

Incorporate social media into your Cruise Ship. Our social media integration allows guest to view, upload, and alter content using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.