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 Benefits for Cruise Ships

Guest Benefits


Be fully prepared for your vacation with a TapWalk mobile application for cruise ships. Learn and navigate the ships layout and search for points of interest throughout the ship. View a real time schedule of events and stay updated with an in-app news feed. A mobile application for any cruise line.

Core Benefits:

  • Navigate the ship with our interactive maps
  • Create a predetermined schedule of events
  • Scavenger hunts using QR Code integration


Management Benefits


Seperate your cruise liner from the competition, and give your guests access to a mobile ship guide. A custom cruise mobile application from TapWalk will  help attract more guests, let you learn more about your visitor, save you valuable resources and more.  It is essential for those in the hospitality industry to be careful to offer perks at the same level of the consumer.  The demographic of cruise goers consistently has smartphones aboard the ships, and management must benefit from this easy means of communication.

Core Benefits:

  • Enhance your ships navigation with interactive ship maps
  • Broadcast ship news and events
  • Learn about your guests with analytics