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Mobile apps for Festivals, Fairs, and Events


Map out, schedule and send announcements to attendees before, during and after the Festival, Fair, or Event. Alert them immediately of new information, remind them about the lineup or send sponsor messages. Tailor content and control it real time with TapWalk’s admin portal.

Enhance your guest experience and stay connected before and after the event.

  • Provide easy festival navigation with an interactive, custom map of the festival grounds
  • Provide a map and guide to the host city
  • Increase productivity with a festival planning app
  • Create revenue & sponsorship opportunities
  • Go green & save resources

More Benefits…

See the DeLuna Fest Music Festival App



Popular Features for Festivals & Events

Interactive Music Festival Map

Our signature interactive music festival maps allow your attendees to zoom & pan to easily find where and when bands are playing. TapWalk’s festival app includes hierarchical multilevel mapping that displays the overall music festival map with optional, individual maps for each show tent.



Show & Festival App Directory

Get the TapWalk festival app and provide your attendees with an easy way to search for bands, performances, stages, and services. Users can view bands in a list or on an interactive map. Band descriptions can include…



Festival Schedule

Provide your attendees with the ability to add specific shows into their personalized “favorites” list or their native phone calendars, and receive notifications at the time of the show.



City Map

Use the TapWalk festival app to explore the local city surrounding your event to give your attendees an outlook on the area.



Social Integration

Social integration is a great tool for you to connect with your attendees through posting news and updates. Our festival app features Twitter and Facebook integration and allows your guests to view and post about your music festival.