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Museum Mobile Apps


Save your guests’ time and energy by providing them with a high tech museum mobile app for a truly personalized experience!

  • Provide easy museum navigation through our interactive map
  • Increase productivity through pre-visit planning
  • Revenue & sponsorship opportunities
  • Go green & save resources

More Benefits…

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Popular Features For Museum Mobile Apps


Interactive Museum & City Maps:

Our signature interactive museum and city maps allow users to search, zoom & pan to easily find exhibits, restaurants, hotels, and more. Additionally, TapWalk’s museum mobile app offers hierarchical multilevel mapping for large museums.



Exhibit Directory:

Provide your guests with a quick and efficient way to search for their favorite exhibits. The directory is available in map, list, and categorical formats. Users can access artist and exhibit information, locations, pictures, and more all within the museum app.




Museum App Events Calendar:

Publicize your museum’s special events schedule right within your museum mobile app with a streaming feed of event information. Our museum app provides the ability to add specific events into their personalized favorites list, and receive notifications related to the event.



Museum App News Feed:

Keep your guests up to date with the latest museum news. User’s can view a stream of your museum app’s news feed with the click of a button. On top of that, maintaining your news posts is as simple as broadcasting an RSS feed.



Museum App Social Integration:

Incorporate social media into your museum’s mobile app. TapWalk’s social media integration allows guests and staff to view, upload, and alter content using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.