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Mobile Apps for Commercial Real Estate Development


A custom mobile application for Commercial Real Estate properties enhances the overall selling technique to your clients.

  • Provide easy site navigation through our interactive map
  • Publicize your listing
  • Increase your revenue potential
  • Go green & save resources

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Popular Features For Apps for Commercial Real Estate

Site Map:

Our signature interactive site maps allow users to zoom & pan to easily find everything there is to know about your properties.¬†TapWalk’s real estate app offers hierarchical multilevel mapping providing different images for each aspect of your properties.



City Map:

Display the local city map surrounding your properties to give your clients perspective on the area.



Site Directory:

Provide your clients with a quick and efficient way to search for local retail locations such as Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, and Shopping near your properties through your Commercial Real Estate App. Clients can search in both list view as well as through the interactive map view to find their searches description, address, and contact information.



Info Page:

Provide your clients with information such as property statistics and leasing contact information with the TapWalk commercial real estate app.




Provide your clients vital real estate demographic statistics of your area. Users of the commercial real estate app will be able to view the local population, household size, and average house hold income determined by the distance away from your commercial real estate.