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Mobile Apps for College and University Campuses


Bring your campus into the 21st century with the very best campus mobile application!

  • Provide easy campus navigation and planning with TapWalk’s interactive maps
  • Increase student participation and productivity
  • Stay connected with alumni
  • Attract more prospective students
  • Build in campus security features
  • Join our freshman class

More Benefits…

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Popular Features for College and University Campus Apps

Maps & Campus Tours

Our high-definition interactive campus and city maps allow users to search, zoom, and pan. Allow your students to easily find classrooms, dining halls, dorms, and campus emergency centers. You can use the university app to enhance your institution’s navigation experience and security while enticing prospective students with an interactive campus tour that will them feel at home on the campus around them.




Faculty & Staff Directory

Our app for college gives your students access to your institution’s faculty and staff directory. With TapWalk’s directory, students will have the ability to view and locate faculty and staff. The directory is viewable in both list and map formats. Additionally, you can publish faculty and staff phone numbers, pictures, locations, titles, and more.



Schedule of Campus Events

Publicize your institution’s schedule by streaming a list of campus events through the campus app. Use the university app to stay personally updated and connected. Students will have the ability to add events into their personalized “favorites” list as well as their phone’s native calendars.  A mobile app with a campus schedule will keep students consistently involved, and never ignored around campus.



Social Media Integration

Our college and university app incorporates social media into your campus. Stay connected with students. View and upload content using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.