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 University Benefits


Campus App Benefits for Students


Over 55% of students use smart phones. This percentage is rising at a dramatic rate, and industry experts predict that in a few years that number will jump to 80%. Create your custom university campus app and give your students access to the following benefits!

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  • Enhance the student navigation experience with interactive campus maps
  • Connect with classmates and faculty through social media integration
  • Use our enhanced search directory to find buildings, classrooms, professors, and more
  • Receive school news and updates
  • Create your personalized favorites list
  • Browse campus events calendar



Campus App Benefits for Faculty


A TapWalk custom university mobile app for your institution will enhance the quality of your campus life. Set yourself apart from the competition and bring your university into the 21st century. From a management standpoint, your faculty and staff will benefit from a campus app in the following ways.

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  • Enhance campus navigation experience with our in-app interactive campus map
  • Learn valuable information about your students and visitors through analytics
  • Go Green! Save valuable campus resources
  • In-app advertisement and sponsorship revenue opportunities
  • Enhance your University brand image
  • Stay connected with students and alumni before and after they graduate.



Campus App Benefits for Alumni


Staying connected with alumni has always been a struggle for Universities until now. With a custom university mobile app from TapWalk, your institution can stay connected and up to date with alumni information and action. The best time to create a connection with alumni is before they graduate. A student oriented mobile app transforms into a connection with alumni come graduation. The alumni benefits  of a campus app are as follows.

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  • Stay connected and socialize with alumni using social media integration
  • Broadcast campus news and updates pertaining to alumni
  • Enhance your University’s school spirit with the in-app Athletics tab
  • Display alumni information and location in the app with our alumni directory
  • Calendar of alumni specific events
  • Increase your University’s alumni donation potential



Campus App Benefits for Prospective Students


Mobile apps for universities are quickly becoming a competitive advantage. TapWalk is the perfect way to attract new prospective students. Stay in touch with prospective students from the first visit until the day they enroll. Your university mobile app will keep your school’s brand fresh in their minds every time they turn on their phones.

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  • Attract more prospective students to your University and improve your brand
  • Keep in touch with prospective students after their visit, while they are making their decision
  • Create mobile app scavenger hunts for your University using QR Code integration




Assistive Technology Benefits


Implementing a custom university mobile app will help your college accommodate students with disabilities. TapWalk’s assistive technology opens your campus to students with disabilities. Some assistive technology app benefits include:

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  • Disability-focused interactive campus map
  • Voice and touch in-app options
  • Ability to locate buildings, professors, and more with our Directory




Campus App Benefits for Visitors


Give your visitors the best possible campus experience with a custom university mobile application from TapWalk.

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Core Benefits:

  • Interactive campus map
  • City and campus search directory
  • News and announcements/Calendar of events