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Guest Benefits

Let your guests experience your historic site like they never have before. Use a mobile app to enamor your visitors with the captivating stories that go along with your historic site. Your guests will be eager to unearth the history in the palms of their hands.

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Core Benefits of a Historical District App:

  • Directory of points of interest lets guests customize their visit
  • Interactive map ensures guests’ easy navigation of your site
  • Easy access to all of the interesting facts of your site



  • Social Integration gives guests access to their favorite social media sites
  • Ability to stay connected to your site, even after they leave


Historic Site’s Benefits

Improve your historic site’s navigation efficiency, raising the quality of your guests’ overall experiences. Promote your site and its special events through the app, encouraging both new and returning customers to become repeating patrons.

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Core Benefits of a Historical District App:

  • Improve your guests’ overall experience and navigation capabilities
  • Keep an always current calendar containing your site’s special events
  • Use Social Integration for further promotion of your site


  • ¬†Learn valuable information about your guests with analytics
  • Easily keep your information up-to date and relevant
  • Go green and save resources