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Native vs. MobileWeb vs. Multi-device Platform vs. TapWalk

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Different types of apps possess different ranges of benefits. There are two main types of apps: Native and MobileWeb. Native apps function completely within the device once it is downloaded. They can utilize certain features on the device such as its camera, compass, GPS, etc. MobileWeb apps are webpages that are designed to look like apps, but are actually just websites with special URLs that are accessed through the device’s browser.

Native vs. MobileWeb

Because of these differences, native apps and mobile web apps have different benefits for various kinds of events and users.

Pros of Native Apps

  • Generally tend to run faster
  • Have more features (since they can utilize the device’s features)
  • Work efficiently when there is no available internet
  • Tend to be more visually appealing and functioning

Pros of Mobile Web Apps

  • Accessed by content from outside of the app (it’s accessible by search engine, although this may become less meaningful with the development of deep-linking)
  • Available for less advanced devices that do not support native versions
  • Usually easier to “install” (i.e. going to the page in your browser)

What is a multi-device platform?

A multi-device platform is exactly what it sounds like. It is a platform that creates a native app that is compatible with multiple types of devices (i.e. Apple and Android). This is always important because your attendees will almost definitely use a variety of devices. If you are purchasing a native app, you need to make sure that your developer has a multi-device platform.

TapWalk’s Platform

Ultimately, the differences between native and mobile web mostly just serve to point out the other’s inadequacies, leaving you desiring a combination of the two that could better serve the needs of your users. This is where TapWalk’s app platform satisfies all needs. When you create an app with TapWalk, you create both a native and a MobileWeb version of your app. This allows TapWalk’s clients to create native apps that function without the internet and use device features that enable the app’s capability to have functions such as QRC Scanning and location-awareness, while also creating a mobile web version that can still be accessed by phones that do not support native apps.

Directory-Museum Mobile App

These capabilities are a necessity for the events and venues to which TapWalk caters. For example, large events are not always equipped with a great Internet connection, which yields TapWalk’s native platform most useful for such an environment. Similarly, events such as trade shows naturally draw a diversity of devices used by attendees, making the MobileWeb aspect of TapWalk’s platform valuable. For these reasons, TapWalk provides all of the advantages of having a multi-platform native app, while still catering to the demographic of people who have devices that are only compatible with MobileWeb apps.

So, why not go check out TapWalk’s main page? Hire TapWalk to make a comprehensive mobile application for your venue or next event!