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New Features: Configurable Sorting and Sort-by-Proximity

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TapWalk isn’t a cookie-cutter template that’s cloned for each event or venue.  It’s a set of configurable building blocks that can be assembled in countless ways.  We’ve recently added two related features to make it even more customizable and more configurable to meet your exact needs.


We’ve always allowed users to switch between sorting points of interest alphabetically or by category.  We’ve just added a third option that sorts based on the distance from the user’s current location so users can easily find what’s “Near Me”.

Configurable Sorting Options

Not every app needs or wants all three options.  In some scenarios they don’t all make sense.  You can now specify which, if any, of the three options are presented to the user.

iPhone5-CC-two-options   iPhone5-CC-no-sort

iPhone5-CC-sort-by-proximity   iPhone5-DJ-two-options