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The NU RISE app provided the expo with access to all of the presenters by featuring a floor map and directory. Another noteworthy feature of this app is the QR Code Campaign, used by the judges and guests to gain easy access to details of each presentation and judge them through the app. This app is central to attendees’ navigation of the expo, both in terms of navigating the physical floor map and the schedule of events.

Highlighted TapWalk features include:

  • Extensive QR Code Campaign, with a QR Code provided for each of the presenters that directed guests and judges to more information about their presentations.
  • Detailed directory of presenters with descriptions of each presentation, equipped with the ability to take notes and access the individual’s judging.
  • Comprehensive schedule of the Expo’s events, allowing users to add each event to their phone calendars.
  • Interactive map of the presenters’ exposition as well as the surrounding area, including locations for parking and dining.

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