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TapWalk’s mobile application platform is completely customizable and tailored to any time of venue or special event. A custom premier mobile app can benefit your venue or event such as an Airport, Convention Center, Museum, Zoo’s and Aquariums in the following way:


  • Enhanced brand perception and awareness
  • Interact with guests before, during, and after
  • Increase repeat guests
  • Free marketing buzz through social media integration
  • Provide your guests a schedule and events
  • Create polls and surveys to gather feedback
  • Understand guest demographics, behavior,
    and traffic flow
  • Go green and save resources


Interactive Map:

Our signature interactive maps allow your guest to zoom & pan to easily find what they are looking for. For large shows and venues, you can even have hierarchical multilevel mapping displaying the overall floor plan and with different individual maps inside.


Search Directory:

Provide your guests an easy way to search for what they are looking for. Users can view in both list view as well as through the interactive map view to see descriptions, locations, and times.



Increase traffic to your events though providing your guest the ability to add specific events into their personalized favorites list and receive notifications at the time of the event.


City Map:

Display the local city map surrounding your venue or special event to give your guest perspective on the area.


Social Integration:

Social integration is a great tool for you to connect with your guest through posting news and updates. Additionally, Twitter and Facebook (coming soon) social integration allows your guest to view and post about your venue or special event for their friends and fellow attendees to see.