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Press Release- RISE:2014 App Release

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TapWalk, a mobile app platform for large events and venues, is pleased to announce that it has recently released the mobile application for Northeastern University’s RISE: 2014 event.

Boston, MA, May 9,2014—TapWalk’s app for Northeastern University’s RISE:2014 (Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo), hosted by the Center for Research Innovation and the Office of the Provost, was premiered at the event, serving as a way for attendees to navigate the floor while also providing the access to the expo’s judging system.

NU RISE Photo 2

On April 10, 2014, Northeastern University held its annual RISE, an expo that showcases the best research and innovations of the university’s students and faculty. TapWalk made the RISE: 2014 mobile application, which served as a guide to the event as well as the bridge to the tool for the event’s judging. The app included an interactive map displaying the presenters’ locations on the show floor, a comprehensive directory of each of the exhibitors, and social media integration.  Most importantly, it provided access to the RISE judging system during the event.

The integration with the event’s existing backend judging system proved to be especially valuable for RISE: 2014. TapWalk succeeded here by allowing the judges using the app to look at detailed pages for each presentation and easily transition to the judging, avoiding confusion and wasted time.

NU RISE Judging Screenshot

Each judge was loaned an iPad with the event’s app already installed, while attendees and exhibitors were able to download the native app on their Apple and Android devices or view the mobile web version through their browsers. The distribution of iPads eliminated the possibility that any of the judges would have to defer to the mobile web app for lack of a smartphone while the device consistency also allowed the show’s support to easily address any questions that arose on a large scale. These factors allowed the expo’s judging to be incredibly efficient, letting the managers of RISE: 2014 focus on the rest of the event without worrying about the judging.

Judge using iPad

RISE also made the most of TapWalk’s social media integration, with a display board showing all of the tweets made with the show’s hash-tag, “RISE2014″. This encouraged attendees to tweet through the app (which automatically added the hash-tag to all tweets), since users wanted to see their tweets on display at the expo. This capitalized on TapWalk’s Twitter capabilities while also creating great publicity for RISE.

NU RISE Tweet board

Representatives from TapWalk attended RISE, and had a great day seeing all of the exhibitors’ presentations. TapWalk was especially happy to get the chance to speak to the app’s users as well as the organizers of the expo itself to get some feedback.  One judge stated, “the TapWalk app is very handy and organizes the information in an easy to find and read fashion. Using the favorites feature, I have all of the presenters that I will be judging in one handy list. And while I am on the detail description, I can make my comments right in the app. Couldn’t be easier!” Ultimately, the users of the app were more easily able to navigate the show floor (which housed over four hundred exhibitors) while also gaining information about each presentation and access to other features such as the judging and social media integration.

NU RISE Photo 1

TapWalk also got the chance to speak with Todor Kiryazov, the chief technical lead on the NU RISE Application project. Mr. Kiryazov was extremely pleased with the app, stating that “the TapWalk app performed wonderfully and the judges loved it. The app’s interactive map feature was especially useful to help find the proper presenter. And the team at TapWalk was professional and a pleasure to work with!” John Hayes, VP of Business Development for TapWalk remarked that “many of the attendees were using the app to learn more about the exposition and were delighted that they could take all of the information home with them without having a bag of brochures!”

You can check out the RISE:2014 app by downloading it from the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store. You can also find out more about TapWalk by visiting

About TapWalk:

TapWalk provides a platform to create mobile applications for large events and venues. TapWalk’s Content Management System allows its clients to easily create, customize, and edit their app. Today, TapWalk is proud of the release of the RISE: 2014 app and its effect on the experiences had by Northeastern University’s RISE attendees and judges.

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