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TapWalk’s Rating Feature

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In March, TapWalk introduced its new rating feature, which allowed guests at the Boston Globe Travel Show to rate the numerous beers at the show’s Craft Beer Pavilion. The Travel Show also had a leader-board displaying the highest rated beers at the show, creating a competition among the beers and motivation for guests to rate their favorites. The Travel Show was a perfect environment for the premier of this feature, but it could be applied to any number of other types of events or venues. With this feature, you have the option to rate anything: who is the most popular speaker at your Corporate event? What is the most popular tourist attraction at your historic site or chamber of commerce? On a scale of 1-5, how intense are each of the roller coasters at your theme park? The possibilities are endless. But, why should you use this at your event or venue? What are the benefits?

Beer Rating Stars

Leader Board

6 main benefits of using the rating feature in your app:

  1. Gain insight into your guests’ preferences pertaining to your event or venue without making them fill out a long and boring survey
  2. Engage your guests by letting them interact with and give feedback for your event or venue
  3. Tailor future improvements for your event/venue to the wants and needs of your clientele
  4. Give your guests a fun and easy way to keep track of their likes/dislikes as well as their notes
  5. Organize a fun ice-breaker activity that helps your guests meet and interact with each other.
  6. Provide your vendors and exhibitors with valuable feedback that will encourage them to continue to come to your venue/event.

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Leader Board At Show Edited


Beer Pavilion Crowd