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spreeSPREE Mobile App






  • Guide your visitors to selected vendors and exhibitor booths.
  • Enhance attendee experience with an interactive maps and search engine.
  • Selected sponsors¬†receive promotional branded.

Highlighted TapWalk features:

    • List Based Navigation
      • Multiple Background Images; create better navigation
      • Google Docs Integration
      • Real-time Live Auction Updates
    • Intro Screen
      • App Sponsorship / Intro Page
      • Random Page Selection for Sponsorship Highlighting
    • Point of Interest Detail
      • Host videos, photos, and audio content.
      • Share important information or events
    • Content Management System
    • City Map & Directory
    • Interactive Venue Map
    • Directory of Points of Interest
    • News & Announcements
    • Schedule of Events
    • Social Media Integration
    • Favorites List
    • RSS