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TapWalk: Mobile Apps Doing More For Less

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While it has definitely become an expectation that certain events and venues have a mobile app, it is understandable that not all events have thousands of dollars to drop on a custom-branded mobile application. Of course, app platforms such as TapWalk offer a gold-standard of event mobile apps, but there are still options available for smaller events with tighter budgets.

In fact, TapWalk offers some of its platform for free (a TapWalk branded mobile web app), in addition to having other development options that are affordable for events and venues of all sizes. These types of options allow you to take the reins in deciding the look, feel, and content of your app. You may not need or be able to afford the tons of fancy features offered by TapWalk, and that’s perfectly fine. It is completely possible to stick to the basics and still create a professional and useful app that will improve your attendees’ experience a tenfold.

Cape Cod Chamber App Loading Page Screenshot  Cape Cod Chamber App Directory Screenshot

An example of a TapWalk app that does a good job sticking to the basics is the Cape Cod Arts app. This app includes a directory of the artistic locations in Cape Cod with information specific to each location, an interactive map of the area, a schedule of Cape Cod’s artistic events, a news tab, and Twitter integration. These features do not nearly encompass all of the features offered by TapWalk, but they completely fulfill the users’ needs while enhancing the overall experience.

Cape Cod Chamber App Map Screenshot  Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce App POI Screenshot

Additionally, the Cape Cod Arts App is one that TapWalk is particularly proud of because of its visual appeal. Because of the combination of pastel colors, simple yet elegant icons, and pictures of artwork from locations in the app, the Arts App is very aesthetically appealing. This type of customization allows TapWalk’s clients to make the most of their app without having to go to extremes. The Cape Cod Arts App is just an example of how it is possible to make a comprehensive and nice-looking app without having to go overboard.

Check out screenshots from the Cape Cod Arts App below, or go to TapWalk’s main page to see more about TapWalk’s mobile app platform.