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Testing Monday

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Part of our weekly routine at TapWalk is testing by building an app from start to finish.  Aside from finding bugs, our other goal is to reduce the time required to produce an app.  A tweet posted by Scott Kirsner inspired today’s testing:


At about 1:00 we began manually scraping for data about Massachusetts locations, saving it to a spreadsheet so we could test our new data loading features.  We added 3 main menu options through admin, hit “publish” and had our immediate mobile web app at

We loaded up the data in the TapWalk native Android app.  This version of the TapWalk app can load the data from any large even or venue.  Someday the entire world will be TapWalk enabled!  (Mwuah ha ha ha!)

Then we made a quick pass at “skinning” the app with an icon, background images, some color choices, etc.

The final step hasn’t been fully automated yet… producing a stand-alone single-venue native iPhone and Android app.  It still requires a few behind-the-scenes lever pulling and dial twiddling.

The resulting Android app should be available in an hour or two after submission.

Apple’s approval process is a little slower… it wouldn’t be approved before Christmas.

The results… a quick and easy way to identify the drop off locations near you and the discovery of a couple bugs to fix this week.


Android Screenshot Gallery:

 iPhone Screenshot Gallery: