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The annual Boston Globe Travel Show presented this app to their thousands of attendees to provide an easy way to access everything the show offered. This included show-only specials and give-aways, along with a number of fast and easy ways to download the app itself (extensive QR Campaign, text-to-download). This app also served as the introduction to TapWalk’s Rating Feature, which was used to rate beers at the show’s Craft Beer Pavilion, but could be used to rate anything (exhibitors, speakers, sessions, anything).

Highlighted TapWalk features include:

  • Capability to rate points of interest and show results on a leader board, allowing users to keep track of what their likes and while the venue was able collect and summarize this data.
  • Text-to-download feature allowed guests to text the word “Travel” and receive a link to download the app right to their phones.
  • Allowed vendors at the show to include “show-only specials” and recipes in the app.
  • “Enter to Win” registration that gave guests the opportunity to win a prize in exchange for their names and email addresses (very valuable information for the show runners).
  • Comprehensive and interactive floor map of all the presenters, allowing users to easily navigate through the large show room.

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