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Using Twitter to Get More App Downloads

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It has become apparent that social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become a significant part of every business’s marketing campaign, so why not apply them when marketing your app? Twitter, particularly, can be a huge ally for you when promoting your app, as long as you know how to best utilize its capabilities. Here are a few simple tips on how to optimally use Twitter to get more downloads for your app:

  1. Utilize an Event Hashtag - Creating a short hash tag that is easy to remember will make your event’s tweets simple to find in the vast “Twittersphere.” TapWalk also allows you to automatically put your event’s hash tag into your attendees’ tweets when they use Twitter through your app. This will promote not only your app, but also your event itself.
  2. Get Attendees to Tweet About the App - This goes hand in hand with using an event hash tag. You want your app’s users to be giving your app good publicity, because at the end of the day, potential app adopters are going to follow the examples set by their peers. If everybody else downloads the app (and makes it very well known), so will others.
  3. Tweet out URLs to the App’s Download Page - Give people an easy opportunity to download your app in a few simple clicks. By linking to your app’s pages in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, you give potential users a quick way to download. TapWalk can even create different URLs and QR Codes for different areas of your marketing campaign, allowing you to track how many people follow each link.
  4. Interact with Users - Make sure that you respond to attendees that are talking about your event, whether it is by retweeting their Twitter posts or mentioning them in a response. Others will want to join the conversation.
  5. Target Promoted Tweets - When promoting your tweets, you’re able to target specific tweets to certain demographics. This means that you can target your app’s Twitter campaign to people who would be most interested in your app. You can target people based on such factors as interests, location, gender, etc., so why not send your tweets out to those who will be most receptive?


Twitter has rapidly become a very large presence in the corporate world, and therefore has an incredible influence on people in diverse settings around the globe. The trick is finding out how to stand out in the sea of tweets so that potential users will find your app and take interest in your event or venue.