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Which Features Best Suit Your Attendees?

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It’s no secret that different events tend to have varying types of attendees; individuals at a corporate conference will have vastly different goals for the event from those at a tradeshow. This is why there can’t just be a cookie-cutter mobile app for all events. You need to tailor your app to your event and your attendees by including a combination of features that will make your app useful and engaging.  You know the purpose of your event better than anyone else so the first step to creating a mobile app is to consider what you want your attendees to accomplish.

What exactly are the things that you want your attendees to accomplish?

  • Networking with other attendees – One of the biggest reasons that people attend events is to network. They know that they share common goals or interests with the other attendees, making any networking extremely valuable.
  • Interacting with competitors, potential clients, and suppliers – Large events can be the perfect place for people to find out exactly what their competitors are up to. This allows your attendees to improve their companies, as well as product and/or service offerings to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Just as important as finding out about the competition is finding potential clients/suppliers and marketing to them effectively. For many attendees at a large event, this will be their primary goal.
  • Learning from experts – A large conference or trade show is also an excellent opportunity for people to attend a session or two and learn something new from the very best experts.

Try to figure out how your app can help your attendees achieve these goals. Which features do the most for each of these objectives?

  • Networking with other attendees – These features should make it easy for attendees to interact with one another. This can come from features like badge scanning, where attendees are each given a QR Code with their contact information, and an in-app QRC Scanner allows others to get easy access to that information. Gamification is also good for networking. Set-up games and contests within your app to get attendees competing (and interacting) with each other in a fun way.
  • Interacting with competitors, potential clients, and suppliers – One feature that will make it easier for your attendees to make the most of your event is an interactive map. Not only will people be able to navigate the event space with ease, they can plan ahead to minimize wasted time and can easily take notes in-app so that they know exactly who to follow up with afterwards. Additionally, including a city map with local hotspots will allow your attendees to easily go from negotiating to closing deals.
  • Learning from experts – These features need to be easily accessible so attendees can concentrate on the information being presented to them. Features like document sharing are perfect for helping attendees learn because it puts important content right in front of them. Attendees can access it right away or wait until they get back to the office.

Think first about your objectives and your attendees’ objectives when choosing app features. You’re investing time, effort, and money to make your event the best it can be, so make sure you come out with optimal results by giving your guests exactly what they want.