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Why Your Trade Show Needs a QR Code Campaign

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What do people hope to get out of a  trade show? Attendees of trade shows want easy access to the products in which they are interested. Exhibitors at trade shows want to get returning customers, specifically by getting the contact information of those who are interested in their products. Managers want to meet the requirements of both attendees and exhibitors so they can be considered successful. Something that TapWalk does to cater to all of these needs is QR Campaigning, which simply entails organizing a variety of ways that QR Codes can be incorporated into your event and its mobile app.

So what exactly is a QR Code? To put it simply, a QR Code is much like a bar-code except, instead of a product number, it can encode a variety of different information such as phone numbers, addresses, and, most frequently, website URLs. Smartphone apps have the ability to scan QR Codes by accessing the phone’s camera, and then using the phone’s browser to go to the specified URL.

There has been much debate over the value of QR Codes. Initially, people predicted QR Codes would be completely revolutionary. However, when QRC adoption was slower than expected, some labeled them obsolete.  While they may never live up to their potential and hype, they can be effective at conferences and trade shows, especially if your event’s mobile app has a built-in QRC scanner.

What are the main benefits of QR Code campaigns at your event?

  • Easy Access- QRCs can quickly be scanned to get to whatever URL or other content is being provided. QR Codes give attendees at trade shows a fast and easy way to find the materials for the products they like.
  • Added Fun- Mobile apps like TapWalk are able to organize QR Code campaigns in a way that makes exploring a trade show more fun. For instance, TapWalk has arranged scavenger hunts at events, where guests locate certain exhibitors and scan QR Codes at their booths in order to win a prize. Attendees are brought in closer contact with the products being sold, forging more personal relationships.
  • Adaptability- Mobile app providers such as TapWalk are able to put a QRC scanner in your app so users without scanners already on their phones are still able to participate. With such creative practices of implementing QR Code campaigns, trade show attendees get an experience that is more fun and captivating than ever before.
  • Networking- QRCs can be created for any aspect of your event. You can have them lead to the contact information of speakers, exhibitors, or even attendees, creating the opportunity for people to create valuable contacts.
  • Analytics- When you use QR Campaigns, you can track which content (inside or outside the venue) are garnering the most interest. By placing different QR Codes in varying locations, you can see which were scanned most often, optimizing this other aspect of your marketing campaign. This way of collecting information about the people who show interest in a product is truly a precious resource for anyone looking to bolster their marketing campaign.

NOTE: Make sure your mobile app provider includes a QRC scanner in their app that accesses all your data!

In these ways, QR campaigns are able to satisfy the wants and needs of attendees, exhibitors, and the managers of the trade show. Using QR Code campaigns, TapWalk successfully enhances everybody’s trade show experience.